CBD Tincture: What It Is And How To Use It 🍯

September 11, 2019

CBD Tincture: What It Is And How To Use It 🍯

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with anxiety, racing thoughts, lack of sleep? This week we’d like to tell you a bit more about our tincture and why it’s so effective when taking it symptomatically.

Taking something symptomatically means you take it as a result of a symptom, for example, tiredness or stress. Usually, for symptoms like these, taking a walk or doing some breathing exercises help, but sometimes we just need more.

Tinctures are not only great to support health and wellness overall, but they are a great symptom management tool because the tincture acts fast after consumption. After being held under the tongue for about 30 seconds for the receptors to absorb, it typically takes between 10 to 12 minutes for you to start feeling the effects.

When you start getting an “everything will be alright” feeling, you’ll know it’s working. It’s the first hint that your body is starting to relax. 

When to take a dropper of the tincture


Usually, where there’s anxiety, there’s stress. Anxiety is literally your body’s response to stress. CBD interacts with our CB1 and CB2 receptors, just like our natural endocannabinoids. This interaction produces relaxation,digestive and hormonal balance, and pain cessation just to name a few.

When you’re relaxed and balanced, you reduce your stress, and therefore, anxiety becomes more manageable.


Our co-founder, Shawn McKee, takes a dropper of 1000mg tincture every night before bed. He has been doing so religiously for the past four months, and it helps him sleep so well, he refuses to go to bed without it! 

One of the most common causes of insomnia is stress. Tinctures work so well because CBD is known to alleviate anxiety and decrease stress, according to self-reports from our users. When our minds aren’t racing, sleep and relaxation come easier.


Grief is deep sorrow. Usually, the body releases high levels of stress hormones, anxiety increases and so do panic attacks, and emotions are all over the place. These symptoms can cause physical changes in the body, like a vulnerable immune system and even inflammation and pain.*

Nothing can completely take away grief after a loss and the feeling can be overwhelming, but some users have reported that taking CBD has helped them dial that grief down and make it more manageable. This is because of how CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system for stress, among many others. 

How to take a dropper of the tincture

Tinctures are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to consume CBD. You can simply hold a dropper under your tongue for about 30 seconds, or you can add it to your favoriterecipes.

TheTrifecta of Health is a great way to incorporate tinctures into your daily wellness routine.

Do you have any recipes you’d like to share with us or ideas of what you’d like to read next? DM us on Instagram@noteCBD!

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