noteCBD’s 2019 Harvest Season 🍂

October 09, 2019

noteCBD’s 2019 Harvest Season 🍂

We would like to dedicate this Wellness Wednesday to the successful Harvest of our plants and give you a little insight on what makes it all possible.

Harvest is one of the most critical stages in the production of our noteCBD and this past weekend Bridget, being the passionate hands-on owner that she is, was at the farm while our plants, or as she likes to call them “the Ladies” were being harvested🍂

Making our full-spectrum hemp oil and sharing the wellness of plant medicine has been a passion for Bridget for a long time, she and her family are involved in every step of the process. Using the most organic crop practices possible, and seeing the ladies grow from the earliest stages to the biggest plants is really exciting and fulfilling for the McKees.


The process of harvesting is long, and it involves a big crew to bring it all together. It requires delicateness, precision, and passion to make sure the flowers are kept intact. It’s a labor of love and a lot of physical work but it is worth it to the Bridget and her family, who want what is best for your health 💪

As a thank you for your continuing support we are giving you 50% OFF of 10mg Capsules & 250 Tinctures by using the code HARVEST50 at checkout!

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