How To Use Nectar Pens For Your Fitness Routine 💪

August 20, 2019

How To Use Nectar Pens For Your Fitness Routine 💪

To get the best out of your CBD intake, it’s important to keep a routine. The one thing we keep repeating consistently is that  consistency is key for overall wellness. See what we did there? 😅

Anyway, for this week’s Wellness Wednesday, we want to share with you how to incorporate our new Nectar Pens into your fitness routine. Or rather, how they can HELP you  get into your fitness routine, and then help you unwind after. 

noteCBD all-natural Nectar Pens have terpenes dedicated to specific uses:

RELAX for when you need to unwind

RELIEF for when your body is sore or aching

BOOST for that burst of energy without coffee or sugar. 

Start with taking your daily capsule or dropper of tincture in the morning for support. We can’t say the effects they have on health, but customers have self-reported lessened anxiousness and better pain management when taking noteCBD.

The pens are fast-acting and their effect is almost immediate. Use the  BOOST nectar pen to get that kick in the butt you need to go to the gym or start your workout. And go about your workout like a boss 💪

Afterward, rub  Muscle Recovery directly onto the worked-out muscles to nourish, soothe and help reduce inflammation 🙌

A hot bath wouldn’t be bad after either 🛁 But even if you skip the bath and take a shower instead, you can use the  RELAX nectar pen to finish relaxing the muscles.

If your muscles are more sore than usual, try using the  RELIEF nectar pen instead! The terpenes in it work together with the broad spectrum oil to relieve pen.

There are thousands of other combinations to incorporate to your fitness routine. Do you have any favorite combinations?Share them with us!

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