Lew: The Doggo That Started It All ūüźĺ

October 22, 2019

Lew: The Doggo That Started It All ūüźĺ

Happy Birthday, Lew! He turned 15 last week! ūü•≥

Lew came to the McKees one Christmas Eve as a 6-week-old precious golden retriever.  He joined a five-year-old, three-year-Old, and a six-month-old baby while hosting their entire family in their brand new home. 

Lew soon became Bridget's daily sanity, and still is to this day. They walk 2 miles together every day. They've walked through Arizona desert, Nebraska farmland, Colorado ice storms... They don't miss a day.

His loyalty to their walks has become more and more obvious as he’s a grown older.  He meets Bridget at the coffee pot for his noteCBD pet drops every day.  

Epilepsy Diagnosis

When Lew was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2016 it changed the McKee's world. The vet tech recommended CBD as part of a study at Colorado State University. He couldn't get in the trial because it had already started, but Bridget gathered all of the criteria and sources of the CBD. Within days, Lew went from having seizures every 3 days to a seizure every week. 

Incorporating CBD into Lew's food daily only got him better, and better and better.

Helping his body heal has been a journey that has brought amazing information and connections. Bridget chose to go a different way for his medicine and it’s worked!  He now is 3 years seizure-free and living his best life!  

Lew takes our ‚ÄúBig Salmon‚ÄĚ flavored pet drops in his food morning and night. He also get an extra dose when a storm rolls in or the pressure changes.¬†

In honor of Lew and his 15th birthday, we're giving you 15% OFF our pet drops! Use code LEW15 at checkout.

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