Start your day with 20 minutes of yoga 🧘‍♀️

July 16, 2019

Start your day with 20 minutes of yoga 🧘‍♀️

For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, we’ve teamed up with Laura Villalba fromYogaWithLaura to bring you guys and easy, 20-minute flow you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

Laura has a soulful nature and is very dedicated to her practice as a yoga instructor. She incorporates her background in dance into the flow and transitioning of the asanas (postures) in her classes. Laura encourages students to detach from the past, future, and to live fully in the present moment. This allows the practitioner to engage in a full comprehensive restoration of peace, health, and balance into their life.

Today’s flow

Vinyasa flow is a series of breath-synchronized poses smoothly flowing. Increases flexibility and strength while maintaining a steady flow that will get the heart pumping.

For focus, take a full dropper of your favorite noteCBD tincture and let’s get right to it!

1. Start in the seated position. Allow your hands to rest on your knees. Let your shoulders roll all the way back and down. Bring your belly button in, creating a long spine and let your eyes closed. Begin to take deep breaths in and out of the nose.

2. Inhaling, bring your arms to the sky, and exhale them to your heart center. 

 3. Place your hands on the side of the mat and roll onto your knees, spine in table-top. Knees under hips, wrists under shoulders, begin to make circles. Pause and find the opposite direction. 

4. Slowly find your way back to the center. Tuck in your toes finding your downward dog.

5. Go ahead and walk your feet side to side bending one knee at a time. Then slowly come back to center.

6. Walk your feet all the way to your hands finding your forward fold. Keep the Keep the majority of your weight over the toes relaxing your head down.

7. Inhale finding tabletop spine so that your shoulders line up with your hips and then exhale, fold.

8. Set the right foot back, finding lunge. Then press into your hands finding downward dog.

9. Inhale forward into plank. Tuck the tailbone, press into the hands and follow the body.

10. Lower your knees to the earth, shift your shoulders forward keeping your elbows in. This is chaturanga or low push up.

11. Untuck your toes, extend your legs and open up the chest (upward dog). Follow by tucking your toes and finding downward dog.

12. Inhale and bring your right leg to the sky flexing your toes and rotate them to point down. 

13. Exhale and bring your right knee to the chest shifting your shoulders forward. Inhale straightening your right leg up again.

14. Exhale bringing your right leg back down into a lunge. Walk your left foot a little bit closer in, place your heel on the ground and let your toes point towards the front left edge of your mat so your foot is not parallel.

15. Bend your knee and inhale bringing your arms up, finding warrior one. Make sure to walk your right foot out so that both feet are hip-length apart. Your right hip is moving back and your left hip is moving forward. Interlace your fingers, arch your back, squeeze your arms to your ears and breathe.

16. Begin to lean your body forward diagonally, looking down to the floor and breathe. Press into your big toe.

17. Let your hands come all the way down to the flow. Your left hand roots and your right arm opens. Make sure your hips are still aligned. Move your right hand to the earth and step back to plank. Readjust your feet as needed.

18. Inhale shifting your weight forward and place your knees down. Exhale and lower your body bending your elbows. Inhale into upward dog. Exhale into downward dog.

Inhale and repeat steps 13 through 18 starting with lifting up your left leg.

19. Inhale lifting your right leg up. Exhale bringing in your knee to your chest, touching your right elbow and inhale extending your leg again. Exhale into a lunge.

20. Bring your left heel down into the floor parallel to the back of your mat. Bend the front knee and open the arms into warrior two. Open the right knee enough for you to see your right big toe, but extend your arms and breathe. Bring both your arms down, right leg back and repeat your vinyasa flow.

At any point, you can rest at child’s pose or hang out at downward dog.

Inhale lifting up your left leg and repeating steps 19 and 20 with the other side of your body. Take your flow or downward dog.

21. Bring your knees down into the earth and swing your legs all the way through to end up in the seated position. Slowly begin to lay down into your mat and bring your knees into your chest. Slow down your breath.

22. Extend your legs all the way up to the sky flexing your toes. Line up your heels to your hips and bring your arms up to the sky connecting the palms.

23. Bend your knees. Bring your elbows to the inside of your knees and your hands to the outside of your feet for happy baby. Roll your shoulders back and tuck your chin a little bit so that the back of your neck is long. Close your eyes.

24. Let your feet connect dropping them down into the earth. Let your knees fall apart. Your arms should relax down, palms up. Breathe. Extend your legs out and continue breathing. Go into Shavasana and relax. When you're ready, open your eyes.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing with us! 

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for next week’s Wellness Wednesday!



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