Wellness Tips for the Workplace 🙌

November 12, 2019

Wellness Tips for the Workplace 🙌

For many of us, the workplace is the place where we spend most of our time. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay focused, motivated, or even manage stress. Eight+ hours a day, five times a week in front of a computer can take a toll on the body and mind. Even if your job involves being on the go most of the time, the stress can weigh in on your body and mind.

This Wellness Wednesday we’re sharing little rituals you can do around your office to get the boost and energy you need while taking care of your health in the process.

Start at Home: Daily Routine

Start your day earlier than you normally would and dedicate that time to yourself. Having a morning routine is important because it helps us be in better control of our schedules, prioritize ourselves and focus on us. It helps reduce stress from the getgo. 

Waking up and going straight to work can increase stress, affect your emotional health and even affect your immune system!

Incorporate your daily intake of CBD into your morning routine, whether that be with tincture or capsules. As Bridget says, when the body is balanced, wellness follows. 

Then take some time to eat your breakfast, journal, read the newspaper. The task is irrelevant as long as you're doing for yourself.



Staying hydrated is one of the most important tips we have to give. Dehydration can cause that post-lunchtime funk we often find ourselves in.

A good way to make sure your water consumption is on point, get one of those 1L jugs and keep it on your desk at all times. If you’re on the go, take it with you. It contains the perfect amount of water you should be drinking during work hours, and it’ll serve as a reminder!

Healthy Snacks

Boredom leads to snacking. Usually the unhealthy kinds of snacks. And let’s be honest, sometimes we all get bored at work…

Taking your daily dose of CBD helps with  appetite control and stay away from sugary snacks, which tend to reduce energy and oftentimes gets us in that lull. Not only that, but CBD helps boost energy and metabolism, which can lead to a better mood.

Take Breaks

Even when your job doesn’t involve being in front of the computer all the time, it’s important to remember to take breaks throughout the day, and physically step away from the work for a few minutes. 

Keeping the body in the same position for long periods of time can lead to pain and discomfort. Relieve some of the tension on your shoulders and neck, rub the  Muscle Recovery salve on the affected areas.

Take a moment to go on a short walk, go up or down the stairs, breathe, get a healthy snack or have a short conversation with a coworker… You can even do a quick, 5-minute meditation!

Stress Management

In stressful situations, you can use a  dropper of tincture or a puff of the  RELAX nectar pen to help you ground yourself again. The tincture and nectar pans are fast-acting, symptomatic ways to take CBD, meaning they take only minutes and sometimes seconds to work!

When neither is an option, do some breathing exercises: in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathing deeply sends a signal to your brain to calm down and relax.

Rubbing the  Lavender/Eucalyptus salve on your temples (not too close to the eyes!) and your wrists can help you relax as well.


A few months ago, we shared  3 Teas to Get Through Your Work Day. Check it out!

And there you have it. A few simple tips to help you get through the day!


Do you have any tips or routines you do in the office to relax? Share them with us!

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