How to Incorporate CBD into Your Wellness Routine

January 15, 2019

How to Incorporate CBD into Your Wellness Routine

With every New Year comes new opportunities and new ways to harness those opportunities into personal successes. Our yearly effort to draft resolutions helps us grasp chances available to us. Chances we need to take to reach the new heights we set our sights upon. For example: if we resolve to save money, we look for daily instances in which we can do so. If we resolve to eat healthier, we begin to carve out extra time to cook and shop at local farmers markets. Resolutions set the stage for coming year. And this year, we have our sights set on educating about CBD and getting our product in the hands of the people we love.

While we grow our own hemp plants and make our CBD products, we too can fall into the cobbler’s shoes category if we’re not intentional with our actions. So, we decided to list small, mindful choices we can make to incorporate CBD into our daily lives. You are more than welcome to join us on this journey.

1. Swap Out Standard Lotions and Creams for CBD-Enriched Skin Care Products

A simple way to introduce CBD into our everyday life is through the use of lotions and salves. Right now, because it’s winter, it’s easy to realize we need lotion. Our skin is dry, chaps easily and burns. But even during the rest of the year, our skin loses moisture through daily activity. Our  skin cream is made with full-spectrum extract and all-natural ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber and lavender that moisturize, equalize and soothe skin on a cellular level. A simple action with 10x the benefits. That’s the kind of choice we like to make.

When it comes to salves, we’re dropping the OTC ointments.  Our salve is simple, clean and can be used for multiple issues. With only beeswax, coconut oil and full spectrum hemp oil, it can be applied to achy muscles and joints, minor abrasions and even sensitive facial skin. It’s a great multi-purpose tool for skin care, an easy one to carry on the go and enjoy daily. Now, do you see why we nicknamed it our “Solve-All Salve”?

2.Tinker with Tinctures

Our  tincture, which is simply cannabidiol blended with fractionated coconut oil, can be easily implemented into daily use with a drop of effort. Like anything else, sometimes we need a nudge to make healthy choices into a daily habit. Tinctures are basically tasteless and drops of the potent liquid can be added to teas, yogurts and food. Many of our customers like to drop a dose of noteCBD Tincture into their morning coffee. And others simply administer it sublingually (beneath your tongue) on their way out the door. Daily ingestion can help with a myriad of things, from chronic inflammation and its symptoms to mental wellbeing.

3. Sleep with CBD

We’re already doing this, but it’s a life hack we had to share. Replace your sleep medications with  CBD capsules. While sleeping pills may be effective short term, they can come with negative and long-lasting side effects, including nervous system suppression and breathing impediments. Further, the chemicals used in standard products result in a tolerance build up over time, meaning we have to take more and more to achieve the same desired effects. We avoid all that and let our body reach sleep naturally.

CBD has the ability to reduce anxiety and restlessness, which can improve sleep quality. The cannabinoid is also believed to help increase overall sleep amounts. CBD has been shown to combat insomnia as well, for the same reasons listed above.

4. Replace your painkiller pill with CBD

CBD is believed to work on pain in two ways:

1) It interrupts the nerve pathways that send pain signals between the brain and the body.

2) It corrects Endocannabinoid deficiencies within our bodies as they exist.

CBD is an all-natural option when it comes to so many of the OTC products many people already have in their medicine cabinets. We went all natural and switched to CBD. Why not give it a try and see what you find? Happy New Year! And bon voyage on your journey through CBD wellness!