The Trifecta Effect: Menstrual Cramps Relief in 3 Easy Steps 🍯

By now we know that full spectrum hemp oil, or CBD, can be taken/used in a variety of ways, but for the best results, we’ve created the Trifecta of Health.

The word trifecta literally means 3 achievements, so the Trifecta of Health helps you preload your endocannabinoid system by taking capsules, tinctures and applying noteCBD directly into affected areas.

A great use for the Trifecta of Health is alleviating menstrual cramps. Ladies, we’ve been there, curled up, hugging a pillow, acne breakouts and lower back pain, probably even hopeless in being unable to calm those symptoms, but hear us out...

We recently tried the Trifecta of Health for it and saw results in as little as 20 minutes! Here’s how:


Start by taking a capsule of noteCBD. Capsules provide whole body effect, meaning they impact deeply rooted problems and reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation here is key 👈


Tinctures are most powerful in peak stress situations and help to fall asleep at night. Due to DSHEA guidelines, we cannot state the specific conditions it may affect, but some users have reported improved mood, decreased stress and better pain management. Add a dropper to your coffee or tea 👌

Muscle Recovery

Applying noteCBD Muscle Recovery directly into affected areas of pain, like lower back, and even lower abdomen, you can tackle the pain from all angles. Apply all the Muscle Recovery! 🙌

Combining the whole-body effect of the capsule, with the right now the power of the tincture, and versatile use of the lotion you have all 3 working together for ultimate relief.

Menstrual Cramps
Works amazing on menstrual cramps - thanks!!

Kelly D.

Trifecta of Health

Trifecta of Health

noteCBD's Trifecta of Health bundle is a combination of our three main products. 1 Capsule, 1 Muscle Recovery/Therapeutic Lotion, and 1 Tincture. Buy this bundle and save 20% off
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