14 Day Wellness Routine Challenge

Contest Rules

Participate in our noteCBD 14-Day Wellness Challenge for a chance to receive a sample set of @notecbd products. Our challenge will include ways to integrate your samples into your daily life and other healthy actions to help guarantee your best life possible! Let’s do this together!

How it works:

1. Request your FREE samples: http://eepurl.com/dHpZ-D
2. Pay only $5 for Shipping Then take part in our 14-Day Wellness Challenge, starting 1/14:
1. Follow @NoteCBD on Facebook and Instagram
2. Beginning 1/14, share your daily activities and tag 👉🏽 #noteCBDChallenge and @notecbd
3. Tag a challenge buddy in this post
4. Turn your resolutions into a lifestyle for lasting results

Fine Print

Sample set of noteCBD products is free of charge, but customer is responsible for the shipping cost of $5. This is a great chance to try of our products risk-free.

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The Challenge

Week 1 - 1/14  
Day 1: Love on you! 5 minute self-massage with noteCBD salve. 
Day 2: Take a 20-minute walk and “blow the stink off”  
Day 3: Take a yoga class + a drop of noteCBD tincture.  
Day 4: Start with a super smoothie or healthy breakfast.  
Day 5: Let go of the week with a bath. Apply noteCBD lotion post bath.  
Day 6: Try a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, with that new friend you’ve been meaning to connect with.  
Day 7: Sleep in today! Your endocannabinoid system with thank you.

Week 2: 1/21  
Day 8: Make Monday easier. Take your noteCBD 25 mg capsule. 
Day 9: Make an effort to drink 8 glasses of water today.  
Day 10: At work, take stretch breaks every 1-2 hours. Reach!  
Day 11: Give away something that you’ve been hanging on to.  
Day 12: Get outside! Yes, we know you’re at work. Step outside and get fresh air.  
Day 13: Play-date with your pet + give them a taste of noteCBD pet drops.  
Day 14: Ask yourself what would feel really good. Do it. What did you do?

Remember, it’s not about perfection! It’s about the true intent to try. Implementing even the simplest self-care changes our day-to-day and not always easy, but feels really good to try. That’s why it’s called a CHALLENGE. Do one small thing from our list every day. Switch up the order or pick alternative wellness activities. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you are doing something. With your new sample set, you can easily see why noteCBD is a game-changer and how easy it is to make it your new go-to. And share using hashtag #noteCBDChallenge so we can all be there for each other and cheer you on.

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