Trifecta of Health

noteCBD's Trifecta of Health bundle is a combination of our three main products. 1 Capsule, 1 Muscle Recovery/Therapeutic Lotion, and 1 Tincture. Buy this bundle and save 20% off your order!

We want to maximize the results you receive, that’s why we suggest taking full spectrum oil (commonly called CBD) in 3 ways. It’s important to take the capsules for the highest systemic (whole-body) affect, this impacts deep rooted problems and dramatically reduces inflammation. Reducing inflammation is key. Yes, the tincture is a good way to get CBD into your body but we notice it tends to be most powerful for situational use such as peaks in stress or trying to fall to sleep at night. And the topical essentially works for anyone including uses such as therapeutic (site specific pain relief), acne, moisturizing maintenance for your face, hands, feet, even to reduce mosquito bites!! Combining the whole-body affect of the capsule, with the right now power of the tincture, and versatile use of the lotion you have all 3 working together to bring the most complete level of homeostasis to your body. Each product on their own has many benefits but all three working together gives you a wider range of relief and better overall health.